50 Faces of the RFDS: Project closure


If you’re an existing customer, or a follower of our social media accounts, you are more than likely aware that Tweak Geek IT was given the opportunity to be a part of an epic fundraising project called the 50 Faces of the RFDS. The aim of the project was to fly around Australia and meet with 50 people who have worked for, or been helped by the Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia while also raising funds and awareness of this great service along the way.

Unfortunately, it was bought to our attention by Andy Farrow, the pilot and founder of the 50 Faces of the RFDS, that he has had no choice but to close the project for various reasons. While this is heart breaking for all involved, Andy has performed a mammoth effort in getting this project as far as he did, and we believe Andy should be commended for the enthusiasm, tenacity, and dedication that he has continually demonstrated throughout the project.

Below is an official media release from the 50 Faces of the RFDS.


It is with great regret that the team here at the 50 Faces is announcing the closure of our fundraising project ‘The 50 Faces of the RFDS’. This decision has not come easily, however after an unfortunate lack of support in the project and several delays we have come to this decision.

We would like to thank everyone for your support in the project, especially those who gave their time to the project, their support and those who donated. The project was able to raise $1,691.28 through Everyday Hero for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

We here at the 50 Faces hope that 2016 is kind to you all. Please remember to continue to donate to the great service that is the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. You never know, maybe oneway it could be you that needs them most.

Andy Farrow, Pilot & Founder, 50 Faces of the RFDS (Media release source)


Although this project has come to an end, it should not be viewed as a failure as it has succeeded in raising awareness and some funds for the RFDS during the initial promotional stages for the 50 Faces of the RFDS. Tweak Geek IT will keep the website live until the expiration of the domain name as 50facesrfds.com.au still receives a large number of daily visitors who may not be aware of the project closure.

Finally, all of us here at Tweak Geek IT would like to thank Andy Farrow and the rest of the 50 Faces of the RFDS team for allowing us to play our small part in what was an awesome fundraising project. We would also like to thank any of our customers who donated to this cause and to those who helped to raise awareness via sharing the project.

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Les Vaulter

Tweak Geek IT | Customer Support


  1. I would like to personally thank Tweak Geek IT for all you have done to support my son Andy Farrow in his project. It was sad to see this dream of his come to an end after he worked so hard for 2 years on it. Regards Denise Farrow ( a very proud mother )

    • Hi Denise,

      There is no need to thanks us for the small role we played, we were happy to be a part of what was an epic project in both scale and scope.

      You have every reason to be proud of your son Andy. He is an incredible young man who I am sure will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of others and go on to change the world for the better.

      Les Vaulter | Tweak Geek IT

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