Service Updates – 22/04/2015

Updated Nameserver IP Addresses

Due to an unforeseen DNS routing conflict caused by a 3rd party upgrade of a gateway router in our primary data center we have been forced to change the IP addresses associated with our nameservers.

As a result of the IP address changes, some Tweak Geek IT customers may be required to update the nameserver settings with their domain name registrar if the registrar requires the physical IP address on top of the nameserver name.

Please be advised that any customers who host their domain name with Tweak Geek IT or GoDaddy will not be effected by these changes. If you are unsure if you are required to update these settings please contact us. The changes are highlighted below in the format of Nameserver / IP Address.

Previous Configuration / /

Current Configuration / /

The previous configuration will only remain active until midnight on Friday the 24th of April 2015

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Les Vaulter

Tweak Geek IT | Customer Support