Tweak Geek IT: Abuse Department

We have created a new department for the reporting of hosted accounts sending spam and hosting or linking to malicious content. Our new abuse department is also to be used for reporting fraudulent emails impersonating Tweak Geek IT.

This new department has been created for two reasons;

  1. As a website and email hosting provider, we are required to be CAN-SPAM Act compliant.
  2. As our business and reputation has grown, we have seen an increase in spammers impersonating Tweak Geek IT in phishing emails.

While we have never had a case of our hosting customers sending spam or hosting or linking to malicious content, our abuse department will enforce any breaches of the terms and conditions of our website design and hosting agreement, and also deal directly with any reported fraudulent communications impersonating Tweak Geek IT.


Reporting Spam 7 Days, 24 Hours
For reporting spam, malicious content, or fraudulent emails impersonating Tweak Geek IT
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Les Vaulter

Tweak Geek IT | Customer Support